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Charity run is a successfully developed resource development method to support NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) throughout the world. While the amount of total donations collected in the USA within 1 year is USD 1.5 billion, the amount of donations collected  through participation of over 30.000 people in the Major Marathon in one race exceeded 50 million pounds. Charity Run is a successfully used resource development tool used to support NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) throughout the world. 

In the collective charity run Runanatolia (then, Runtalya) which was first announced and popularized in 2008 in Turkey, TRY 75.000 donation was collected, while today, the number of foundations and associations (NGOs) which are receiving or are prepared to receive donations in an effort to develop resources have reached to 74 while the amount of the donations made to foundations and associations just in one run has exceeded TRL 12 million. We, Eker Dairy Products, in cooperation with Adim Adim, with whom we are also license partners, are proud to assist in improving the consciousness of charity.

The donations made throughout the charity run are directly transferred to the official bank / credit card account of the NGO opened for the relevant project.


The Charity Run is not only for collecting donation. It also means advertising a cause which warms your heart, which you would like to be solved, which you want to attract attention of people. This Charity Run does also mean that you have assumed some sort of messenger role for the NGO. To summarize, in addition to the donation, it provides awareness and you contribute the problem solution process.  


Charity Runners  have run after goodness since March 2008 for the projects created by 50+ NGOs within the Run after Goodness Platform and they collected over 50 million TRY donations from  about 500 thousand donators.We have broken a new ground in Turkey with regard to transparency and accountability on the web site of Adim Adim, where entire donations can instantly be monitored. 36% of the total personal charity donations of NGOs supported by the volunteering Adim Adim runners are now collected thanks to charity runs.


The number of registered volunteering runners in  Adim Adim is approximately 606.000 as of October 2019. 

If you want to run after goodness in Eker I Run, please visit or if you have questions, send mail to

Marathon Office

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